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Boardfix pride themselves on providing an excellent commercial solution.

We have years of experience and have completed a vast range of high-end projects across the West Midlands, Birmingham, and Warwickshire areas.
As a client, you want a team that will exceed your expectations; you want a team that will always be the solution and never the problem.
Boardfix is a privately owned company, based in Claverdon, Warwickshire. Owned by Company Directors Kevin and Jackie Davies, we have grown into a sub-contractor known in the industry for producing high-quality work, with an unrivalled attention to detail. Specialising in commercial interior packages and refurbishments, with projects ranging from £5,000 to over £800,000, we have the potential to take on projects all across the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

One of the reasons our level of work is so high-quality is the standard we expect from our workers. We only employ the best, which means our customers only get the best. O ur workforce are fully trained in all aspects of services we provide.Boardfix and our workforce are fully insured, and we have our CHAS, Accliam SSIP and ConstructionLine Silver accreditation. Boardfix pride ourselves in a strong focus on Health and Safety and are competent when it comes to managing our HSE procedures.
Boardfix are also accredited with the FIS, this means that our work is always scored highly when tested for quality as well.

Plastering Systems

Boardfix - Plaster FinishesPlastering 
Once the plasterboards are fixed through the methods above, our plasterers then use scrim tape, which is a tape made of fibre glass threads to create a mesh over the joints. This creates a much better surface for the plaster. Initially, a plaster base is applied, followed by a finishing coat, this is one of the hardest skills in construction to perfect, as it requires a skilled hand.
• Leaves a smooth durable gloss finish, perfect for painting
• Perfect for difficult areas, like around window reveals or dormers
• Provides a high level of seal around openings, this can be crucial for air tests

• Longer dry time
• Potential for cracking if there is movement in the building

Dot & Dab
If you have a masonry shell or aspects of your build that need refurbishing, you will need to use Dot and Dab to secure your plasterboards.
All of our plasterers are highly skilled at Dot and Dab as they are at plastering, ensuring we maintain continuity of work during the Drylining and second fix process. Plastering & Tape + Joint When the perfect finish is required, we suggest either a wet plaster solution or Tape and Jointing.

Tape And Joint
Tape and Joint is the other solution. With Tape & Joint, the joints between the boards and any penetrations to the board are filled. The filler is then sanded down, allowing for the whole boa Our team of plasterers are known for leaving a finish that is just impossible to beat. They take pride in their work, they leave their areas clean, and leave it so that the tradesmen following them, walk into their areas with a smile on their face.

• Much quicker
• Lower chance of cracking
• Leaves a matte finish

Suspended Ceiling Systems

Boardfix - Suspended Ceiling SysemsSuspended Ceilings
If you need a specialist ceiling solution that is aesthetically pleasing, we can help you choose between a solid plastered suspended ceiling or a lay-in-grid ceiling with removable tiles.

Both allow for your services to be neatly hidden. With the lay-in-grid option allowing for easy access to services.

Suspended ceilings are a secondary ceiling, usually suspended from the underside of the structural slab above.

Suspended ceilings are especially useful in commercial projects as they create space for services such as, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and CCTV. 

Suspended ceilings can either be created with a drop in tile system or through a rigid metal track and plasterboard finish.

Drylining And Partitions

Boardfix - Drylining And Partitions


Boardfix is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to Drylining, partitioning, and suspended ceilings. Drylining is where Boardfix began, with over 22 years’ worth of Drylining experience, we cover all aspects involved, across Birmingham, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.
Our team is skilled in all aspects of Drylining walls as well as using dot and dab to secure boards to masonry walls. We can tack to timber, install suspended, and lay-in-grid ceilings. And build partition walls. Over the years, we have designed feature walls, crafted curves, and seamlessly integrated bulkheads into our client’s projects.

Partition Walls
With the advancement of plasterboard technology, we can now construct walls and partitions to a massive range of specifications. Whether you need impact resistance, moisture repellent, soundproofing or fire breaks, we can tailor our stud walls to provide all of them. The advancement in plasterboard doesn’t just stop there either, and we can change the spec of any wall or partitions that we construct to align with the clients' needs for weight, cost, longevity, and speed of installation.

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