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We have renderers in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Birmingham and West Midlands. Boardfix can render a house to rendering an apartment block. We carry out our render services in the domestic and commercials sectors.

• Traditional Render
• Colour Render
• Silicone/Acrylic Thin Coat Render
• EWI - External Wall Insulation

Traditional Render
Up until about 10 years ago, if you decided to render your property, the builder would most likely have used a sand and cement render. Sand and cement render is made by mixing 4 parts sand with 1 part cement and is applied to the substrate at a depth of about 10mm – 15mm. The problem with sand and cement render is that it has no give and no flexibility. Over the course of a year, your home will expand and contract as the weather changes, this of course only minute amounts, however in cold weather the walls of your house will actually shrink and the opposite is true during the summer months.

Boardfix rendering specialists use a product by Weber Saint Gobain called OCR known as one coat render. OCR gives the final appearance as the outdated sand and cement render and is unrivalled.

Features & Benefits
• Resists the penetration of external water and has excellent weather resistance and durability, whilst allowing the structure to breathe
• Suitable for hand or machine application
• Incorporates polymers for increased bond strength
• Factory batched for consistency
• Gives the same final appearance as a traditional sand and cement render mix but in significantly less time

Colour Render – Monocouche - Through Coloured render
The word Monocouche comes from the French language, Mono means single and Couche means coat or a layer, although in most cases when used for renovation it requires a base coat, it is applied on one coat to new built high dense blockworks. Monocouche renders are contemporary one layer renders that can be machine or hand applied. Colour pigmented throughout, meaning no building painting, monocouche renders provide a low maintenance, weather resistant, hard wearing and attractive finish to a large range of external brick and blockwork properties.

Boardfix - Monocouche Rendering Features & Benefits
• Single coat for fast application and shorter programme periods
• Formulated to be spray applied by render pump for faster application
• Coloured render for low maintenance with no further decoration required
• Can be used to create a scraped or roughcast render finish
• Weather and algae-resistant
• A+ Green Guide Rating

Silicone/Acrylic Thin coat render
Silicone Render is our premium render. It offers excellent breathability and vapour permeability, so that moisture and water vapour can escape from the surface of the render – thereby helping to prevent damp and mould. Silicone Render is also hydrophobic and therefore any water is repelled from the surface of the render. Silicone Render is also unique in that it offers self-cleaning capabilities; this means that the render will actively prevent any build-up of organic growth, therefore maintaining a fresh facade for years to come.

Our silicone render has a flexible fibreglass mesh embedded within the basecoat adhesive and this gives it flexibility. The top coat render is also very flexible making it a virtually crack proof product.

Boardfix - Silicone/Acrylic Render Features & Benefits
• Available in 160 colours
• Excellent all-round weather performance
• Factory batched and ready to use in its wet form
• Durable and resilient thin coat render
• Forms part of a number of BBA approved insulation systems

EWI – External wall Insulation
Boardfix rendering specialists use two products for EWI which are from the unrivalled Weber Saint Gobain. The products are Webertherm XM -  A multi-layer and Webertherm XP – Xpress System.

Webertherm XM – Multi layer system is a high performance external wall insulation which has a build-up of the starts with the installation of your chosen sized insulation, a light weight base coat, Fibre glass render cloth, another pass of light weight base coat, primer, then a silicone/acrylic coloured top coat finish.

Boardfix - Webertherm XM Features & Benefits
Webertherm XM – Multi layer system
• Provides efficient insulation for refurbishment and new build projects
• A variety of insulation options including EPS, PHS and MFD
• Comprehensive range of colours and textures enable the creation of striking visual effects
• Synthetic finishes available in a range of 160 colours
• Has a high performance water shedding range of finishes to protect the building fabric
• Low K-value insulants allow thinner insulation to be used or higher standards to be achieved
• Reduces interstitial condensation by creating a 'warm wall' construction


Webertherm XP – Xpress System – is an external wall insulation system that has a specially designed one coat system applied. Starting with installation of your chosen sized insulation board mechanically fixed to substrate, the first pass of Webertherm M1 system is applied then a fibreglass mesh membrane bedded in with a final pass of Webertherm M1 applied.

Boardfix - Webertherm XP

 Features & Benefits
• Available in 23 colours
• Increasing energy efficiency leading to economic benefits
• One coat application, significantly reducing the 'programme of works' and all associated costs
• Exterior insulation does not compromise on interior space
• Through-coloured, thick mineral render for low maintenance and durability
• Provides efficient thermal insulation for refurbishment and new build projects
• A variety of insulation options including EPS, PHS and MFD
• Reduces interstitial condensation by creating a 'warm wall' construction
• High strength mechanical fixings allow application to existing 'suspect' or friable surfaces.


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